Cotemar Company

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in petroleum services. The company was established in 1979 and its core services are concentrated in the support, construction and maintenance, and modernization of the maritime operations. Cotemar also provides services such as food and accommodation, which helps with the development of the offshore oilfield. Moreover, the company believes in providing safety and quality services that satisfy the expectations and needs of its customers.

Currently, the company is privately owned and has a size of 5000 to 10000 employees. The vision of Cotemar Company is to become a sustainable company that will have greater participation in the new business of oil industry. The objective of Cotemar is to participate on a global scale and increase its involvement in the production processes, which are supported by the new technology of generation vessels, as well as innovative methods.

To fulfill its sustainability obligations, Cotemar Company has towing ships and barges that help with the transportation of large vessels. Additionally, the company has firefighting vessels and operational vessels, which are well inspected and monitored for critical variables that might result from the operation. The primary objective is to act in a preventive manner, so as to guarantee the safety of the company’s personnel, as well as the safety of the facilities.

Services such as construction, modernization, and maintenance engineering involve the maintenance and rehabilitation of the company’s complexes and platforms. The scope of these services is to ensure that works are done starting from the prefabrication and assembly stage to the final stage where the equipment is put into operation and line of services.

The service of providing food and accommodation include preparation of food, washing and ironing, and providing of bedding services. Also, the company’s platforms have recreational areas such as basketball court, gyms, cinemas, and TV rooms. For the purpose of fulfilling the sustainability option, currently, Cotemar can offer food and accommodation to more than 4000 clients.

In an attempt to achieve the daily objectives, the company ensures that all materials are in place, within the budget and meets all of the quality and safety requirements. The organization also ensure that it comply with environmental regulations that respect social commitment.

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Donald Scott NYC – Sculpting the Way With Razor Techniques

Barbershops and razors; the two go hand-in-hand. We have all seen the movies or have actually gone into a barber to get a nice close shave and hot towel. However, a straight razor can be used for much more than a shave. Straight razors are also used for sought after hair cutting techniques, many of which can be found at Donald Scott NYC.


A light weight razor without a guard is a great choice for most hair cutting techniques. Its long blade covers a lot of surface area and is comfortable to hold and maneuver. When you add a guard to this razor, you can use it for detailed and clean sculpting techniques along hairlines and for “thumb over razor” techniques.


At Donald Scott NYC, the professional hair artists can use razors to add texture, cut, blend, and de-bulk your style. They are dedicated to the artistry of razor cuts. In addiction to straight razors, Donald Scott NYC also develops and carries specialty razors including the Swivel Twist Razor, and the Carving Comb. These two specific razors offer multi-use aspects making cutting easier. All of the tools they offer are designed to be ergonomic and precise allowing hair artists to create elegant shapes and finishes.