The Impact Of End Citizens United On Enhancing Transparency In Funding Of Election

The American election was completely changed by Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United v. F.E.C in 2010. In addition, the highest court created the legal basis of corporations to be regarded as people. To this end, the decision allows special interests along with billionaires to spend unconstrained and untraceable resources in American elections. This situation has greatly affected the accountability and transparency levels. Presently, billionaires and different corporations are attempting to tilt the balance of political power to their side.

Grassroots donors play an instrumental role of funding End Citizens United. The political action committee was created in 2015. The PAC is devoted to opposing the effects of Citizens United in addition to reforming the American campaign finance system. The grassroots are fighting back the increasing brazenness of special interest and billionaires that are attempting to influence the elections. End Citizens United is fully committed to this course. This way, the entity seeks to achieve its objectives through candidates, voters, elected officials, and the press. Leaders of the organization posited that it would be essential to create a broad coalition that will pressurize lawmakers to move swiftly and take action. The coalition will also work towards changing the campaign finance system.

The mission of End Citizen United is to dismantle the rigged political system and fight big money in politics. They are planning to realize this objective by passing state ballot measures and electing champions of campaign finance transformation.

In 2016, End Citizens United was a big political player considering that the PAC devoted to campaign for reform by directing millions of dollars to Democratic candidates. This includes those that ran in the respective House and Senate races. Within a month of its official launch, End Citizens United raised over $2 million. Small donors made these contributions. According to End Citizens United’s communications director, Richard Carbo, the goal of the entire cycle was between $25 million to $30 million.

The ultimate goal of the political action committee is to pass a constitutional amendment to repeal the Supreme Court decision, which enabled dark money to find its way into politics through super PACs. In a relatively short time, over 325,000 people had signed the organization’s petition. Additionally, End Citizens United announced its backing of 11 Democratic candidates that included Wisconsin former senator, Russ Feingold.

Campaign finance experts and some individuals were skeptical about End Citizens United’s agenda. John Wonderlich noted that going for a constitutional amendment was really a high bar. Wonderlich is the policy director of Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan group that seeks to promote government transparency. Additionally, he posited that it was an uphill task for individuals that embark on such a journey. Carbo argues that his group is different. This is because it addresses the political party in support of candidates to be elected. With $25 million, he argues that they can influence a House race. This information was originally mentioned on MSNBC.



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