The Pioneering Maxillofacial Medical Discoveries of Surgeon Cameron Clokie from Toronto City in Canada

Although there have been so many pioneering discoveries in the field of medicine in recent times, some are quite awe inspiring than others. Take for instance the work of Cameron Clokie from the city of Toronto in Canada who has discovered how to make old bone grow! Can you imagine that such treatment was possible ten years ago? Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

But that is precisely what the distinguished surgeon has managed to do. One of his major concerns has always been a preoccupation with questions about what the nature of life would now be had it not been for the discovery of the high-speed drill and medicine that causes regeneration of body tissues.

The famous cosmetic surgeon is a highly skilled medical practitioner who is deeply engaged in developing innovative solutions to spur the progress of reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine.

Cameron Clokie is the first professor in surgery for reconstructing body tissues especially bones, and in the discipline, he practices the entire range of procedures for treatment that initiates the new growth of bones.

In 1985 he acquired a DDS or Doctor of Dental Surgery; however, it was not until 1990 that he finalized the specialized training for the treatment of bones. Another of his specialties is entrepreneurial interests, and he is the President and Chairman of Induce Biologics Inc.

In 1992 he added another accolade to his professional accomplishments from McGill University by getting his Ph.D. or doctorate in bone regeneration linked to interface development of dental implants. The University of Toronto identified him as a skilled surgeon and chose him as the Principal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery.

A few months down the line, the same University of Toronto accorded him the honors of a full professor. Although by the end of the year he wants to retire from active participation in effective medicine, for almost thirty years he has satisfactorily practiced academic dentistry and clinical practices.

One of the greatest achievements he will be remembered for in the medical fraternity is the creation of partnerships with all organizations involved in the same medical sphere. Presently he is the holder of over 25 pending and existing patents in the procedures of reconstructing bones.

George Soros Returns to Washington to Combat President Trump

The 2016 Presidential Election galvanized American politics in a way that we have never seen before. Supporters on both sides of the spectrum flocked to back their candidate while big wigs in Washington tried to establish themselves. As these mega parties did battle in Washington over speeches and carefully orchestrated ads one powerful and incredible figure re-joined the fray: George Soros. George Soros is one of the most inspiring democrats in America and his return to support the party is nothing short of monumental. Let’s take a look at how Soros impacted the 2016 election, what his thoughts are going forward under President Trump, and what he plans to do next in his own life.

You don’t often hear of billionaire activists in America but George Soros fits that bill 100%. Soros has long been a humanitarian that puts his money where his politics are, pushing to establish human decency wherever he can impact it. Soros came to mainstream fame during the 2004 Presidential Election which featured George W. Bush and democratic runner Al Gore. Soros spent nearly $27 million to see President Bush defeat but that didn’t quite happen — not without controversy. After the election Mr. Soros decided that he wanted to take a backseat and monitor from afar rather than pour so much money into politics. The rise of a potential President Trump ended up changing his mind.

When Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were at their most heated at the podium it was George Soros who was trying to keep things even keeled. Billionaire mega donors used to be the exclusive tool of the right wing, but Mr. Soros was determined to even the odds. Though his work would be in vain, as President Trump would soon take office, Mr. Soros was determined to stay involved and stay focused. While democrats may hve lost the White House in 2016, they regained a powerful and influential member of their party with an active George Soros regaining his involvement.

As President Trump continues what he passes for being ‘Presidential George Soros and other liberal donors are focused on bringing the fight back to Washington. Most recently we saw the Democracy Alliance Donor Club meet together in Washington at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Here Soros nd other elite donors got together in order to gameplan ways to bring democracy and progressive values back to Washington. Learn more about his profile at

This will be the first huge gathering that the group has had since President Trump has taken office and it is due in large part to the insane first 100 days of the controversial President Trump. Among the topics that the group discussed includes climate change, voter suppression, and President’s Trump assault on the legacy that President Obama had left behind. Exit polls show that the bulk of President Trump’s voting bloc doesn’t really care for any of these important values. You can rest assured that George Soros and the rest of his group will work tirelessly to get things leveled once again in time for the 2020 Presidential Elections. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Life Line Screening’s Proactive Approach To Health Care

Having screened more than 8 million people worldwide, Austin, Texas based Life Line Screening makes it easier to identify health conditions that often have no symptoms.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro, Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director at Life Line Screening recently discussed how the company works to provide preventive health screening services that improve the quality of life in an interview with CEOCFO Magazine.

According to Dr. Manganaro, the large numbers of people who have made use of their services validates that both patients and doctors are accepting the precautionary screenings.

He pointed out Life Line Screening makes available testing that includes ultrasound, finger-stick blood screening and limited electrocardiograph. The outcome is meant to be revealed to the patient’s physician.

In addition, Dr. Manganaro emphasized the company continues to look at new testing for respiratory issues and adult onset diabetes.

He also highlighted how the company makes use of technology in all its screenings. He explained how through partnering with universities, such as New York University School of Medicine and Oxford University, they are capable of communicating awareness to the medical community.

In relating to his role at the company, Dr. Manganaro said throughout his career in clinical medicine and surgery he observed tragic endings that were brought about from diseases which could have been simply treated if the patient was previously aware of the disease.

Screenings are available in areas that include strokes, heart disease, cholesterol
and other life threatening conditions that can be remedied if detected.

In addition to the screenings, Life Line Screening’s preventative approach imparts information on present and potential health risks while there is time to avoid the advancement of the disease.

The company also offers a health e-newsletter that focuses on making healthier choices which better manage ill health.

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