Roberto Santiago the Proprietor behind the Manaira Shopping Mall

On mentioning Roberto Santiago, the iconic Brazilian entrepreneur, success comes to many people’s minds. He is recognized in Brazil and all over the world for his dedication to the mall industry. He is the owner of a prestigious shopping mall known as Manaira shopping mall that is located in Joao Pessoa. The investment in this shopping mall has made him famous. Roberto Santiago is also the founder of Mangeira shopping mall. Like most people, his career as a businessman had a humble beginning. He first worked at the Café Santa Rosa after which he moved on to the packing business hoping to make a life out of the venture. Here, he used techniques that enable the manufacturing of decorative objects.

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Roberto Santiago is a graduate of Pio X-Marist College as well as the University of Joao Pessoa where he earned his degree in business administration. He was born in the year 1958 in his hometown of Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Upon graduating, he embarked on various business ventures that made him accomplished in the 1980s. Today, his proprietorship in the malls is nothing but thriving. The Manaira shopping mall is not only the best in the locality but also has international standards. It has banks as well as a college. From the mall, Roberto Santiago has leaped off profitable returns.

The Manaira shopping mall was created for the sole purpose of providing leisure, fun, and comfort to the clients. It has overtime provided the best indoor and outdoor fun activities to its customers. The most excellent source of entertainment in the mall is the cinema that is fitted with the modern technology. It has three theaters fully equipped with the 3D technology making the watching of movies an incredible experience. While enjoying the thrill, one can order for beverages or even snacks from the food court. The mall has a concert hall that can hold up to 4,000 people. Besides that, the hall has a view of stars which ultimately gives the event a touch of class.

The mall is strategically located in a bright environment characterized by an appealing atmosphere with a balcony, not forgetting the artificial palm tree on the ground floor. For people interested in Gymnastics, this is the place to perform the daily fitness exercises. The game lover is well taken care of in the mall. After all activities, the customers can always enjoy the excellent foods in the Gourmet area.

The dream of Roberto Santiago is to see to it that his clients are provided with the best entertainment, comfort and that they have a quality time, to warrant them to come back some day. All the success is as a result of his hard work, passion, and dedication to the customers. Roberto Santiago encourages the young entrepreneurs in Brazil and across the board to make their dream come true since it is a pathway to them having a prosperous future. Read more on

Roberto Santiago has a passion for sports. He has earned himself trophies over the years for participating and winning in the kart and motocross championships.

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