Drones are breaching our prisons

Having offices that span from coast-to-coast, Securus Technologies has faithfully served correctional facilities, both state and federal, in the United States of America. They have created products that could be used by law enforcement, public safety officers, private detectives, and correctional facilities to keep themselves safe as well as those they are meant to protect. Recently, Securus Technologies released a company memo stating that they now keep over 1000 prisons safe and make sure that 1.2 million prisoners are able to wake up the next day.


Securus Technologies has dealt with many imaginative initiatives by culprits and criminals trying to bypass their security. Perhaps one of the most inventive came up recently. Over the last six years, criminals have been using the hobby drone in order to fly over the penitentiary walls and deliver illegal goods. These goods pose a risk to everybody. These goods can harm personnel officers, security officers, inmates, and even citizens who live in the surrounding residential district. These goods range everywhere from drugs to pornography to weapons to cell phones.


Securus Technologies has dedicated the last year and a half to coming up with a solution to stop these drones from flying into prisons. They felt they could use the Wireless Containment Solutions than many of their prisons already utilize in order to prevent drones from successfully penetrating the penitentiary. They believe that as a drone comes into the area of their signal, they will be able to detect the signal of the drone. Once the drones signal is detected they will be able to then electronically send a signal to the drone to show off. The drone will then fall out of the sky and crash on the earth floor.


Securus technologies has shown to the world that not only are they the best company in America, they are the best safety company to spans the globe. This was proved during the 2017 Stevie Awards. The Stevie Awards is the world’s top prestigious honor that is awarded to businesses who deal with business development and customer service. They receive over 2500 recommendations every year and only 12 receive awards.


In 2017, Securus Technologies was awarded the gold medal in the area of customer service. Their team was able to handle complaints so successfully that the majority were turned back into repeating customers. The vice president of the customer service management also received an award, this time silver, because of her dedication to this field. Lastly, Securus Technologies was able to take a bronze medallion because of their video visitation team who ended up winning the frontline customer service team award.


Since this company is so prestigious, you know they will stop the drones.


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