OSI Group: McDonalds Main Supplier Going Green and Donating Greatly in Chicago

Otto and Sons has been through a whirlwind of enormous growth ever since they were approached by McDonalds in the 1950’s to be one of their main supplier of meats. As the only producer who was willing to invest in freeze-dry technology and stay committed to supplying McDonalds throughout their growth process, Otto and Sons naturally grew as McDonalds grew. In 1975, however, they outgrew their old name and hired a new CEO with global and financial expertise to guide them internationally (while changing their name to OSI Group McDonalds). Still the CEO today, Sheldon is a large philanthropist in the Chicago area and has given back to the community greatly. Whether it be the Ronald McDonald house, the Rush University Medical Center, the Sheba Foundation, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Goodman Theatre, or the United Negro College Fund, Sheldon has been there helping the community as his business continued to flourish around the world.

And now with the incredible revenue of 6.1 billion dollars, OSI Group McDonalds is giving back to the world through sustainability efforts. They have taken on the vice president of Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, as the new CSO of OSI Group McDonalds. She has created numerous environmentally friendly practices for the company such as recycling waste water, making more environmentally friendly packaging, giving Animal Welfare officers better training, and improved the living conditions of chickens. And thanks to all of her efforts, OSI Group McDonalds is now winning lots of environmental awards and certificates in the past few years. From the California Green Business Certificate with OSI Riverside, to the NAMI’s Environmental Award, to the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honours, there is truly a new wave of sustainability within the OSI organization. With these sustainable efforts in place, the organization now also is focusing on research and development facilities in the United States and China to better serve the taste needs of clients and come up with new products.

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Victoria Doramus Is A Recovery Expert Who Loves To Help Animals Live A Better Life

Victoria knows that the world be a tough place to live in, and she has definitely experienced her share of difficulties and challenges during her life. As a recovery expert, she has worked her way through her own addiction and is now helping others. Doramus is not only passionate about helping people, but she also wants to help animals. As a supporter of the Best Friends Animal Society, she has working to save as many animals as possible.

The charitable organization was started up by a group of friends who wanted to provide a safe space for animals. They were able to help these animals rehabilitate and find new loving homes to go to. The Best Friends Animal Society works to educate different communities and partners with other organizations that all work together to save animals. Victoria Doramus has dedicated herself to the organization because she feels that every animal and being on Earth deserves love. She shares the vision with the organization that one day we will not have to kill animals that are not wanted by people.

Victoria Doramus sees animals just the same as she does people, and she cares very much about people who have fallen by the wayside. Best Friends works with more than 1,000 animals on any given day and offers them medical attention and anything else they need to move forward and live a happy and healthy life. Doramus has supported the nonprofit as it has held adoption events and has also been a part of raising money and educating the public. The best thing about Best Friends is the way that it brings many different organizations together. The philosophy of the charitable organization is that more animals can be helped when more groups come together to do something about the issues that are creating the problems.

Victoria Doramus has worked as a marketing expert for most of her life and now uses her gifts to help others. She cares deeply about any being that is suffering and hopes to help as many as she can throughout her life. Her recovery and new found love of life has been a huge inspiration for many people.

Robert Ivy On Importance Of Professional Associations

Professional bodies play a key role in bridging information gaps found in our professional arena that the knowledge gained from classes only could not offer. Some of the benefits of being a member of a professional body include getting a chance to network in your field of work hence gaining a chance to improve on ones credibility through taking up leadership positions and competing for prizes and the chance to get openings for educational programs related to the industry.

Professional associations produce newsletters that offer the members of the association knowledge. The information in the newsletters can be very helpful, especially to those who are new in the professions. Professional organizations host annual conferences that are useful for bringing workers together so that they can interact with their leaders and peers. Interactions during conferences are useful for the exchange of knowledge and for access to information on available job opportunities.

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Robert Ivy is the executive VP and CEO for the American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy believes that even though the number of architects may be small, their influence is still tangible. He reminds us that architects are members of an advocacy unit that swayed tax legislation. Robert is a renown architect and the first architect to bag the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award.

In some industries, being a member of a professional organization gives members credibility. The membership is a sign of the commitment that one has in the profession and their dedication to work to improve the profession. It is also easier to stay up to date with changes in the profession if one is a member of a professional body. According to Robert Ivy, the code of ethics of AIA makes its members accountable for their actions and is motivation for members to uphold its core values.

Career path development is highly dependent on the professional body joined. Robert Ivy believes that one may benefit from joining more than one professional body. He has been a leader in several professional associations. Some of his roles include being the vice-president of McGraw Hill construction media and Architectural Record’s chief editor.

Accumulating Wealth through Natural Resources with Matt Badiali

The success journey is a journey of self-discovery. However, one has to be flexible and ready to learn new things to become a better version of themselves. In the financial world, it takes courage to be open-minded. Most people chicken out and let themselves stick to the common investments. Matt Badiali challenges you to be different and become wealthy through the investment of Natural Resources.

Matt Badiali is an educated elite from Penn State University, where he obtained his B.S. in Earth Sciences. He also has a master’s degree in Geology, acquired from Florida Atlantic University. Matt Badiali also has knowledge and experience with the financial markets. It is the combination of his courses that inspired him to advise people on the natural resources at Banyan Hill publishing.

Matt Badiali prides on the fact that he has traveled across the world. He has had multiple chances to interview CEOs of different mines. His geology knowledge helps him in his evaluation of the authenticity of the mines he visits.

For example, he says that when he visits a site, he observes the drilling process. By seeing how long the crew takes to dig a whole, he can predict the future of the mining company. He says that most young companies spend a large part of their time in the drilling process. It is worthwhile to note that Badiali believes that you can only understand something by seeing it. He, therefore, does not write on sites he has not visited. This habit has contributed to his success.

He says that the other habit that he attributes success to is reading. He is a vivid reader. He says that there is no time you can know enough. There is always room for learning. The other thing he does to boost his productivity is focusing on one thing at a time. He shuts down all the distractions when he is working. This makes him efficient and fast. He, therefore, meets all his deadlines without stress.

Badiali’s advice to the young generation is to embrace internships. He says that it is paramount that one fills their resume with valuable experiences. It serves you great when finding and settling in a job.

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EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Review

I wanted to write a review on a couple of EOS lip balms. They have stripes on them, which I’ve never seen before. So these two lip balms that have stripes on them are called EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balms. They come in scents such as coconut milk and vanilla mint, which is what I have.

I’m not sure why these are so different from the other ones, but you’ll see a couple of differences on the EOS website. I’m a huge fan of EOS lip balms. I have a big basket of them in my office.

These lip balms make a nice lip balm primer. They’re not too greasy on their lips and they leave a nice sheen that allows you to prepare your lips for lip color. Other products wouldn’t adhere as well because your lip balm or lip product is so slick.

I love EOS lip balms because I can put as much on without overdoing it. And some EOS lip balms have a little bit different formulations with each of their flavors. If you do notice differences in how they feel on your lips, it’s because they have different formulations.

Their lip balms go on thick without being slippery. The Visibly Soft lip balms contain Vitamin C and are said to be 99 percent natural. The only claim is that they’re 99 percent natural and no claim about the organic quality.

I find the scents to be pretty subtle. Even if you don’t go for minty stuff, you won’t smell a lot of mint in the vanilla mint. The coconut milk is my favorite one because it’s so subtle.

They are more hydrating and they have a smoother texture than the traditional EOS lip balms. If you like the regular EOS lip balms, you may enjoy these.