EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Review

I wanted to write a review on a couple of EOS lip balms. They have stripes on them, which I’ve never seen before. So these two lip balms that have stripes on them are called EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balms. They come in scents such as coconut milk and vanilla mint, which is what I have.

I’m not sure why these are so different from the other ones, but you’ll see a couple of differences on the EOS website. I’m a huge fan of EOS lip balms. I have a big basket of them in my office.

These lip balms make a nice lip balm primer. They’re not too greasy on their lips and they leave a nice sheen that allows you to prepare your lips for lip color. Other products wouldn’t adhere as well because your lip balm or lip product is so slick.

I love EOS lip balms because I can put as much on without overdoing it. And some EOS lip balms have a little bit different formulations with each of their flavors. If you do notice differences in how they feel on your lips, it’s because they have different formulations.

Their lip balms go on thick without being slippery. The Visibly Soft lip balms contain Vitamin C and are said to be 99 percent natural. The only claim is that they’re 99 percent natural and no claim about the organic quality.

I find the scents to be pretty subtle. Even if you don’t go for minty stuff, you won’t smell a lot of mint in the vanilla mint. The coconut milk is my favorite one because it’s so subtle.

They are more hydrating and they have a smoother texture than the traditional EOS lip balms. If you like the regular EOS lip balms, you may enjoy these.

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