Robert Ivy On Importance Of Professional Associations

Professional bodies play a key role in bridging information gaps found in our professional arena that the knowledge gained from classes only could not offer. Some of the benefits of being a member of a professional body include getting a chance to network in your field of work hence gaining a chance to improve on ones credibility through taking up leadership positions and competing for prizes and the chance to get openings for educational programs related to the industry.

Professional associations produce newsletters that offer the members of the association knowledge. The information in the newsletters can be very helpful, especially to those who are new in the professions. Professional organizations host annual conferences that are useful for bringing workers together so that they can interact with their leaders and peers. Interactions during conferences are useful for the exchange of knowledge and for access to information on available job opportunities.

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Robert Ivy is the executive VP and CEO for the American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy believes that even though the number of architects may be small, their influence is still tangible. He reminds us that architects are members of an advocacy unit that swayed tax legislation. Robert is a renown architect and the first architect to bag the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award.

In some industries, being a member of a professional organization gives members credibility. The membership is a sign of the commitment that one has in the profession and their dedication to work to improve the profession. It is also easier to stay up to date with changes in the profession if one is a member of a professional body. According to Robert Ivy, the code of ethics of AIA makes its members accountable for their actions and is motivation for members to uphold its core values.

Career path development is highly dependent on the professional body joined. Robert Ivy believes that one may benefit from joining more than one professional body. He has been a leader in several professional associations. Some of his roles include being the vice-president of McGraw Hill construction media and Architectural Record’s chief editor.

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