OSI Group: McDonalds Main Supplier Going Green and Donating Greatly in Chicago

Otto and Sons has been through a whirlwind of enormous growth ever since they were approached by McDonalds in the 1950’s to be one of their main supplier of meats. As the only producer who was willing to invest in freeze-dry technology and stay committed to supplying McDonalds throughout their growth process, Otto and Sons naturally grew as McDonalds grew. In 1975, however, they outgrew their old name and hired a new CEO with global and financial expertise to guide them internationally (while changing their name to OSI Group McDonalds). Still the CEO today, Sheldon is a large philanthropist in the Chicago area and has given back to the community greatly. Whether it be the Ronald McDonald house, the Rush University Medical Center, the Sheba Foundation, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Goodman Theatre, or the United Negro College Fund, Sheldon has been there helping the community as his business continued to flourish around the world.

And now with the incredible revenue of 6.1 billion dollars, OSI Group McDonalds is giving back to the world through sustainability efforts. They have taken on the vice president of Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, as the new CSO of OSI Group McDonalds. She has created numerous environmentally friendly practices for the company such as recycling waste water, making more environmentally friendly packaging, giving Animal Welfare officers better training, and improved the living conditions of chickens. And thanks to all of her efforts, OSI Group McDonalds is now winning lots of environmental awards and certificates in the past few years. From the California Green Business Certificate with OSI Riverside, to the NAMI’s Environmental Award, to the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honours, there is truly a new wave of sustainability within the OSI organization. With these sustainable efforts in place, the organization now also is focusing on research and development facilities in the United States and China to better serve the taste needs of clients and come up with new products.

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The Rise of OSI Industries

OSI Industries was opened up in 1906 as a food processing firm. The company is considered one of the most successful in the USA. Their unshaken dedication to satisfying the need for their customers is constant ever since inception. Fair treatment of workers and customers alike have aided in pushing the company towards its success. It is in line with the reputation of the company; it is currently regarded as the leading food supplier in the world. Its constant supply of value without compromising on the quality has made OSI Industries be miles ahead of its peers in the food space on a global scale. Another virtue that has propelled the company to better heights is optimizing on cost while minimizing on the losses through streamlining its processes.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Industries has been having a sharp arc of growth since the beginning of the millennium. From a small butcher shop run by an Immigrant from Germany in the neighborhood of Chicago to the world, the brand has taken time, a vision and money to scale to this level. After being in operation for some time and learning the rules of the game, the company started supplying meat products to McDonald’s restaurant chain of restaurants. After a series of consistency in providing value for money for their customers, OSI Industries scaled up to a world-class co-corporation.

Through its venture with the McDonald’s chain of restaurants world worldwide, the organization had managed to open new branches and chains internationally. Additionally, the enterprise has over 20,000 employees, in its 65 facilities located in about 65 countries. At the moment, the company is ranked among the largest owned privately owned business ventures in the united states. It was ranked position 58, with a net worth of 6.1 billion US dollars in 2016.

The company success is primarily attributed to the management team and dedicated employees who ensure that the customers and business partners are satisfied. From a small neighborhood butchery to a globally recognized brand has never been an easy journey. According to the company Chief Operations Officer(COO) and chairman, choosing the right business partners has been the key to pushing their brand to the international market. According to the CEO CFO magazine’s interview with Mr. McDonalds, he said that ever since he came on board thirty years ago, OSI Industries has always had the urge to grow bigger and better.


The OSI Food Solutions Comes a Long Way Since 1909

The OSI Food Solutions Company is the powerful product of Otto and Sons. This family business was nothing more than a neighborhood butcher shop. But, from the smallest of communities can come great ideas that flourish and become part of the macrocosm born from the microcosm.

Sometimes, who you know helps

When Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald restaurant, in 1955 the family business gained long-awaited distinction as the supplier of ground beef to this budding fast-food chain. When this happened, the name was changed from Otto and Sons to OSI Industries which is OSI Food Solutions.

One of the most current facilities to open was in Chicago. But, this company grew in leaps and bounds.It strategically expanded over the years resulting in a respected global standing. You can find OSI Food Solutions in countries like first, Germany which was their first overseas expansion right after Utah in the US. After their flagstone European facility in Germany opened, obviously proving themselves beyond question, they expanded further. They employ over 20,000 people worldwide in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan and Austria.

But, location and association isn’t all that was needed

Even though, OSI Food Solutions serve McDonald restaurants with ground beef, they answered the call to other types of food stuffs. After all,the food industry was expanding world wide and with it, demand. It’s only logical that they OSI Food Solutions would expand with it. In the industrial-age you had to be fast and get in where others fear to tread. This is what they did by offering food chains a variety of valued goods in their operations.

They were smart about it and listened to what existing and prospective clients wanted. Vegetable products, condiments, pork, chicken and other foul were added. This expanded the reach for them and provided a well-rounded service to their existing and prospective clients.

Spain Doubles Chicken Production in 2017

Every efficient food production company needs to have a high-capacity-production-line. The demand in Toledo, Spain inspired the opening of this plant. Chicken production was exploding and OSI was at the helm. This is to the tune of 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork,and is still currently serving communities there.

The expansion will most probably not stop here. There’s a strong vision for OSI which began with its Genesis, as touching and inspiring story of a small family business turning empire.

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OSI Group: The High Tech Food Company

OSI Group has always been a business that specialized in having the latest technologies in place. Being a technological company, has caused the company to be in the forefront of the food production sector. They lead this division of the entire food industry. Being advanced is not foreign to them, in fact they are always searching for more ways to stay modern and cutting edge in the food production space.

The century old company has been making big technology advancements since the late 1960s. Flash freezing food processing allowed this company to be more effective and affordable with their supply of meats to McDonalds. This process allows food to quickly freeze from liquid nitrogen. This invention allowed for OSI Group to broaden their product lineup. Additionally, it lowered costs for the food production industry.

The 1970s and 1980s revealed the massive growth of the company. Their manufacturing capabilities were revealed how they were able to keep up with the growth of McDonalds. OSI Group launched their first facility in 1977 outside of Illinois. This facility was in West Jordan, Utah. They added more facilities across North America during the 1970s and 1980s. When McDonald’s became a global company, the food production company made sure to facilitate McDonald’s growing demands. This allowed for them to become a multi-national business.

Becoming a vital part to way many businesses receive their food is due to the success of joint ventures and facility expansions. The company has built facilities in Austria, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Hungary and the Pacific Rim. These markets the company expanded was apart of their tremendous strategic growth during the early 1990s. The company was apart of a joint venture in the late 1980s that allowed the company to establish an Asian presence. A joint venture was created in the Philippines in 1990. Six years later the company opened another plant in Asia.

OSI Group continued out the 1990s into the new millennium by expanding into Australia. The company introduced poultry processing to the company during the early 2000s. They ended up purchasing a U.K.poultry company. During this new era of the 2010’s the company is working to make sure that they are able to take on this digital age and age of smart technology and be the technology trailblazer of the food industry. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Group Sets the Example in the Food Manufacturing Industry

OSI Group sets the example for other food manufacturers in the industry. The company is an example of the American Dream and has lasted throughout the years by embracing change and pushing for growth. OSI’s mission is to constantly evolve, which creates opportunities for its staff and options for clients. OSI is an international brand with facilities in 17 different countries. It was rated by Forbes as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. There are more than 20,000 people working for OSI around the clock in many different nations.

OSI Group was originally a butcher shop known as Otto & Sons. It was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky in the early nineteen-hundreds. They operated out of the Chicago area. Otto ran the business with his family and developed an efficient method for supplying local food businesses with product. Otto and Sons earned a stellar reputation over the years and continued to grow from its inception.

By the 1950’s Otto Kolschowsky’s sons had taken over the business. During this time they were discovered by McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was setting up restaurants in the Illinois area and needed a local meat supplier. The McDonald’s Corporation was using hundreds of different meat suppliers around the nation at the time.

Otto & Sons became a standout supplier throughout the years. They secured an exclusive contract with the restaurant giant. This allowed them to build a state-of-the-art meat processing facility that featured several different industry changing innovations. Otto and Sons introduced the meat patty cutting machine. The meat patty cutting machine maximized the use of product and saved McDonald’s a huge amount of time in the restaurants. They also brought in cryogenic freezing chambers. The cryogenic freezing chambers allowed Otto and Sons to store large amounts of product, which helped McDonald’s expand its operation.

Otto and Sons began to make international business deals outside of its relationship with McDonald’s. At this point the company became known as OSI Group. OSI spread its reach throughout the Pacific Rim and developed working relationships with organizations such as K & K foods in Taiwan. The move eventually spawned the OSI Group Asia Pacific Division.

OSI Group has continued to expand over the years due to carefully diversifying its business model. The company brought in organizations such as Tyson Foods, Flagship Food Group, Baho Foods and Turi Foods. Each of these acquisitions were made to keep OSI at the front of its industry.

David McDonald leading development in OSI group

David McDonald is the president and COO of the largest food production company in the world. OSI Group is a company that has conquered the world and has been able to introduce its food products in 17 countries on different continents. The firm was started in Illinois, United States but after conquering the local market, it was time to move internationally and also conquer. His role in the company has been to coordinate the operations of the firm worldwide. Through his great leadership, he has managed to turn this into one of the great companies in the world. He has worked closely with the CEO of the company to deliver great services in the food industry.

David McDonald is a graduate of the Iowa State University. He holds a degree in animal science. Even after he graduated from the university, he still holds a close relationship with it. He is part of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative fraternity in the university and also the financier of the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund. As an executive at OSI Group, he is offering student from the Iowa State University an opportunity to get training in the company. He has won various awards at the university even after he left. His role in mentoring the current generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs in the university has made him receive two awards; ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award and Iowa State University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award.

Away from the business life, David McDonald OSI Group is a family man who is married to wife Melinda and have six children some who are at the Iowa State University.

David McDonald has played an important role in taking the operations of the company international. In the three decades, he has been with this company; he has shown commitment and determination which has enabled him to coordinate the operations of the company. In recent years, he has done a remarkable job of taking the operations of this company international. In the last three years, OSI Group has made some acquisitions which will lead to the growth of the company locally and in Europe.