Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Non-Emergent Care Stretching Resources in Emergency Department to the Limit

Recent research studies indicate that there has been an abuse of emergency departments by patients who need to be attended for illnesses that are not considered emergent. You will find that a patient is choosing and even insisting on being treated in the emergency section which is not something that has not been requested by the doctor. This is such a severe case because it leads to a scenario where doctors are powerless in deciding who should be treated in the emergency room and who should not. In fact, it has watered down on why emergency rooms are set out in the hospitals.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an emergency physician in one of the healthcare facilities in Florida, expounded very much on the fact that many non-urgent cases are currently being treated as urgent cases by various hospitals in Florida as well as in the United States in general. In an interview, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel noted that the trend seems to be increasing and it will lead to a situation wherein will be challenging to understand the patient with urgent needs and those that want to be prioritized and given medical attention in the emergency room.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that non-urgent medical cases have been increasing and the frequency is not expected to stop concerning his findings. He goes further to highlight that it has been a trend that dates back to 1990 where people considered their health cases to be treated as urgent while in a real sense nothing is compelling. His findings correspond with other research studies done earlier which suggested that people, without justifiable reasons, want their health challenges to be treated as critical by the medical practitioners. Several media houses have also reported the case which seems to be gaining traction as days goes.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that there hasn’t been enough primary care, which causes individuals to push their medical conditions to be urgent which they are not. Although these actions divide opinion, professionals working in the urgent department such as nurses, technicians, and physicians have no right or authority to determine who gets the services in the emergency department. As professionals, they are obligated to offer the patient the necessary services that he or she may require. It is the duty of the people working in the emergency department to provide quality health services to any person who is brought to their department.

However, the question of one needing emergency care is not an issue but the resources available to deal with the increasing number of people who need non-urgent cases to be treated as an emergency. The resources available in the healthcare facilities are only meant to help and cater for only those people with real emergency cases. Therefore, the limited resources are stretched to the limit causing patients in need of emergency medical services to experience challenges. The staff, time, and resources that have been set aside to assist people in acute need of emergency treatment are used to treat non-emergent cases which raises the questions of our overall health priorities.


Jeunesse Skin Care Product, Luminesce, Provides Much Needed Hope To People With Skin Care Challenges

Probably one of the products that people are looking out there in the retail stores are the skin care products. Individuals are experiencing some complex skin problems some of which have led to death or skin cancer. This may explain why skin care product purchases have been on the rise. Skin is one of the body organs that is exposed to many dangers such as scratching from physical objects, dust particles, oils, and the direct sunlight which has harmful ultra-violet rays among other harmful rays. However, Jeunesse has formulated, developed, and is selling one of the most efficient skin care products in the industry.

Luminesce is not a typical skin care product that you often find out there on the shelves. It is one of the leading product that plays a crucial role in restoring the youthful nature of your skin. You might be struggling with fine lines that make you look older or experience some of the modern-day challenges such as premature aging. Luminesce will remove all the fine lines within a short period and allow you to have the confidence to stand in a congregation without worrying that you look older than your age. The product plays a crucial role in ensuring that all the dead cells on your skin are replaced.

You might be wondering why you have wrinkles and aging spot on your skin. Your skin might to be showing the levels of radiance and grow that you would expect it to show. Removing black spots and wrinkles can only be done by use of Luminesce, the market-leading skin care product. You might also consider improving the youthfulness of your skin while making it more turgid, unlike the flaccid nature that makes you look old. You will feel younger and attractive when you incorporate Jeunesse Luminesce products which have an extensive line of related products.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a skin care product organization that was found in 1999 by retired people. They decided to invest their retirement benefits by offering products that will solve the problems of premature aging and nutritional supplements. The entity has grown within a short period where its products are selling in different parts of the world and leading the market in their specific industries.


Instantly Refreshing Waiakea Water

Waiakea Inc. is a company that has introduced a refreshing brand of bottled water that is as good to the body as it is to mother earth. Waiakea water is comprised of snowmelt and rainwater that gathers on the peak of Mauna Los volcano, located in Hawaii. The filtration process occurs when water passes through the porous rock, which then enriches the water with minerals and electrolytes. So, is volcanic water safe to drink? Absolutely. The naturally occurring filtration process has been hailed as one of the purest amongst water connoisseurs. In addition, the minerals and electrolytes that are added to water have many health benefits.


Now that we have established the health benefits of Waiakea volcanic water, let’s address how the bottling process also helps mother earth. Waiakea water is bottled using 100% RPET, which is recycled polyethylene terephthalate; although the terminology is quite scientific, this bottling process requires less energy to manufacture, less water, and reduces carbon emissions. Basically, this process reduces the company’s carbon footprint when compared to traditional bottling methods. According to Waiakea’s website, the end-goal is to harness renewable biopolymers that make for a fully recyclable, and naturally biodegradable, end-of-life option for their bottles.


Established in 2012, Waiakea prides themselves on three distinct principles: health, sustainability, and ethics. The company is privately held and has a team of 11-50 employees that work to collectively bring the best quality water to as many people as possible. In addition, Waiakea works in collaboration with international water and sanitation charity, pumpaid.org, an organization providing clean water to developing countries. According to CrunchBase, a leading platform to discover innovative companies, Waiakea reportedly donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter sold to disadvantaged communities in rural Africa. Waiakea Inc. has thoroughly examined every nuance of marketing healthy water and has managed to still involve themselves in charitable work. Waiakea has harnessed the power of the Mauna Los Volcano, snow, rain, and marketing excellence to make themselves formidable players, in the bottle water industry.