Rocketship Education: NPR Blogger Was Biased

Rocketship Education has acquired the respect of many people in the modern times. Although there are many schools that have been established in the United States in the recent times, none of them has managed to bring the standards set by the charter school. Success, in most cases, comes with its share of challenges. There are various groups of people who feel that the company has achieved so much in a short time, and these milestones might not even be true. Bloggers have now started to raise their concerns about how the successful school has been conducting its business, forcing the school to come clear and address all the concerns.

Several months ago, one of the most popular NPR bloggers in the country wrote an article, questioning the teaching models that have been used in Rocketship Education since the school came into the limelight ten years ago. The blogger also expressed his concerns about some of the internal practices that have been used in the school in the recent times. Teachers and parents had access to the article, and they are now asking the school management to answer the questions raised so that they can forge ahead and even are comfortable when bringing their children to continue with their education.

Rocketship Education chief executive officer is an expert in handling both positive and negative criticism. His expertise has come after working for many educational institutions in the past. The CEO has been in a similar position in the past, and he came out just in time to assure parents and his teachers that everything is in control. According to the school top management, the blogger who raised the concerns in his blog failed to give an accurate and also a fair picture of what takes place at Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education states that the blogger was only interested in publishing some of the issues that have been challenging the group since its establishment in the market several years ago. The blogger also failed to compare Rocketship Education and other schools in the country who are way behind when it comes to provision of education to the young people living in the United States.