Sussex Healthcare: The Finest Nursing Homes Available

If you have a loved in need of care and you are living in the United Kingdom, you are in luck. You have the best healthcare network sitting right under your nose. The place is called Sussex Healthcare and they have been around for 25 years. Your loved one will be happy that you brought them there. They have some of the best facilities around.

Clems Field House, Horncastle House, and Forest Lodge are just a few of the homes that your loved one could be assigned to depending on their need. These are some beautiful facilities with professional chefs in each one that makes nutritional healthy meals for each patient all day and every day. Not only that, they will fix the food specifically for that patient’s health need. So if your loved one can not have a certain type of food, the chef will make sure not to put it on their plate.

The two men responsible for bringing this assistant care home to life is Shafik Sachedina and Shariz Boghani. They both used their background skills to make Sussex Healthcare what is it today. What started out as one building quickly became 20. They have Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who is the new CEO and she has already started making improvements between the residents and the staff when it comes to how they interact with one another.

Sussex Healthcare Care for patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple scoliosis, and other neurological diseases. They also care for young adults with learning disabilities and autism. So you can bring a young adult here who needs help in those areas. They have a way to rehabilitate people that helps to slow down the progression of the diseases they are carrying. There is a new gym on the premises that has an underwater treadmill. Residents can even relax in the hot tub if their muscles are sore for a procedure called hydrotherapy.

Sussex Healthcare also has job openings. If you want to work apply for their jobs. This company can always use your help. The patients could always interact with an extra caregiver.