Fagali airport is a relatively small airport found in Upolu Island. Since it is located in an island, the transport system is not as robust as you would find in main cities. However, this does not mean that there is lack of life around the airport. Due to the touristic nature of Upolu that is in the South Pacific region, Fagali gets a stream of tourists who want to explore the islands.

When you arrive at the airport, there is a bus that ferries people to their destinations. Most people however find it more convenient to hop into one of the many private taxis that operate around the airport. Visit tripadvisor.com to find out more.

What you should know is that Fagali airport serves Apia, which is the capital city of Samoa. It is currently the only airport that serves Polynesian flight. It has a deep history. At some point in time, it was a rural airport covered in grass. The only carriers it had were aircraft that operated in the local islands of Samoa. Things started changing in 2002 when the airport was upgraded and the roads were constructed using tarmac. However, due to security reasons and lack of skills and personnel to manage the airport, it was closed for a few years.

When people started showing demand for flights, Polynesian airlines reopened Fagali airport. Over the years, it has undergone a series of changes. There is now an inter-island service that allows flights to serve across the islands. The roads have also gotten better, and there has been an increase of staff and business in the neighborhood. Polynesian Airlines goes to Samoa, Manu’a and Faleolo. Samoa Airways goes to Ofu-Olosega islands and Ta’u. The flights are often booked to capacity, showing the vibrancy of the airport. For now, the airport only handles flights during the day, and remains closed at night.

Since Apia is a popular tourist destination, Fagali airport provides the convenience of being near Apia. Guests can book in and explore the city without worrying over how they will get back home. The rich history, serene environment and friendly people are what many people consider to be the reason why tourists throng the airport to get a glimpse of Apia. The nightlife has also been said to be epic, with memorable cultural activities and dances that can keep you up the whole day.

The moment you step into the airport, you will be hit by the heat and humidity. But it is not something your body cannot get used to. Moreover, the water from the sea provides some breeze that cools things off. You can always schedule your visits for morning or evening if you want to avoid the sun.

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Eco-Travel On A Budget

Green travel and ecotourism are big industries these days, and with the rising interest in protecting the environment for future generations, many travelers are wanting to keep their vacation destinations in line with their ideals. But sometimes it seems like living our ideals comes with expenses that place them beyond our reach. We’re here to provide you with some travel tips that will help take the cost off, and may make these trips the most cost effective of your lives!Learn more : http://wildark.com/travel/


Pack Light – You’re going to great outdoors, it makes sense to leave a little of the world behind you. Even better, you’ll be more ecoconscious as less luggage equals lower fuel costs for the plane. Where’s the savings? Airline baggage fees can get pricey, best to just dodge them completely by going carry-on only.


Visit The Library – This is surprising to some folks, but it actually makes perfect sense. Why spend all that money on expensive guide books (especially at the airport where they’ll gouge you) when you can just check them out from your local library and return them when you come back?Learn more : http://wildark.com/get-in-touch/


Transportation – Again, you’re heading into the great wide open, it’s time to get back to roots and put shoe leather to the ground. If you’re traveling long distances you can use a bike (You can often rent them at your destination for far less than the cost of a car), or just ride the bus. Each of these provides cost saving benefits while cutting down your environmental impact!


Buy Local – One of the ways to help you lighten your load is to buy everything you need at your destination, which also helps you support the local economy! Stay away from commercial restaurants and stick to family owned locations, and eat healthy by visiting the farmer’s markets that are abundant. With everything being local, there’s almost no carbon footprint!


Taking care of the world’s best eco-travel locations is a family effort, the family of humans who are trying to protect this world so that it’s beautiful locations never disappear. Organizations like Wild Ark get involved by aiding education that inspires a love of nature and a desire to see it last for future generations. Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark faces the perils and concerns of the world’s most wild destinations, and focuses on finding new ways to make a difference.Learn more : http://wildark.com/journal/