Graeme Holm

The Australian Financial Review recently recognized the Infinity Group Australia as one of the top 100 most innovative companies of the year. The company was originally founded by Graeme Holm back in 2013 along with his business partner, Rebecca Walker and, ever since its inception, it’s become one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. It is also noted for its philanthropic endeavors as the company seeks to help countless people in Australia get themselves out of debt, improve their current financial situations and ensure their futures are financially secure. As it happens, this is now the seventh year that the company has made it on this list. This particular list names the most innovative companies throughout Australia and New Zealand and is the only one of its kind in the entire country.

This particular publication reaches around 1.8 million readers across the country. This year’s list was judged by Inventium, one of Australia’s leading consultaing firms, who compiled the list alongside a panel of experts on industry and business growth. Some of the categories they look at include how well they are able to address the problem they’re attempting to resolve, the quality of the solution and how well it works in the real world, innovation, culture, strategy and many others. IGA was selected from over 1,000 companies throughout the country and came in at number 58.

Their founder, Graeme Holm, graciously accepted this honor at the awards ceremony on July 30, 2018, where he expressed his gratitude to the Australian Financial Review for this award and noted how grateful he felt to be given this honor. Given their position on the list, they rank in the top 5.8% of all the companies selected for this particular honor. He also thanked his team for their constant dedication and hard work as well as his partner, Rebecca Walker. Holm has obtained over 15 years of financial experience in the financial industry and is dedicated to keeping banks and other financial institutions morally upright and honest. He also has a personal commitment to helping families who are struggling financially to keep their heads above water.

This passion and dedication are what eventually inspired him to create his own company which has since become a leader in the financial industry. The company is currently based out of Bella Vista, New South Wales which is located in Sydney. IGA is constantly expanding and finding more ways to help as many people as they can. Their commitment to philanthropy and the wellness of others is what has led to their success as they manage to eliminate about $41,000 of debt per year. So we congratulate them on this honor and wish them the best. Learn more :

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Non-Emergent Care Stretching Resources in Emergency Department to the Limit

Recent research studies indicate that there has been an abuse of emergency departments by patients who need to be attended for illnesses that are not considered emergent. You will find that a patient is choosing and even insisting on being treated in the emergency section which is not something that has not been requested by the doctor. This is such a severe case because it leads to a scenario where doctors are powerless in deciding who should be treated in the emergency room and who should not. In fact, it has watered down on why emergency rooms are set out in the hospitals.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an emergency physician in one of the healthcare facilities in Florida, expounded very much on the fact that many non-urgent cases are currently being treated as urgent cases by various hospitals in Florida as well as in the United States in general. In an interview, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel noted that the trend seems to be increasing and it will lead to a situation wherein will be challenging to understand the patient with urgent needs and those that want to be prioritized and given medical attention in the emergency room.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that non-urgent medical cases have been increasing and the frequency is not expected to stop concerning his findings. He goes further to highlight that it has been a trend that dates back to 1990 where people considered their health cases to be treated as urgent while in a real sense nothing is compelling. His findings correspond with other research studies done earlier which suggested that people, without justifiable reasons, want their health challenges to be treated as critical by the medical practitioners. Several media houses have also reported the case which seems to be gaining traction as days goes.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that there hasn’t been enough primary care, which causes individuals to push their medical conditions to be urgent which they are not. Although these actions divide opinion, professionals working in the urgent department such as nurses, technicians, and physicians have no right or authority to determine who gets the services in the emergency department. As professionals, they are obligated to offer the patient the necessary services that he or she may require. It is the duty of the people working in the emergency department to provide quality health services to any person who is brought to their department.

However, the question of one needing emergency care is not an issue but the resources available to deal with the increasing number of people who need non-urgent cases to be treated as an emergency. The resources available in the healthcare facilities are only meant to help and cater for only those people with real emergency cases. Therefore, the limited resources are stretched to the limit causing patients in need of emergency medical services to experience challenges. The staff, time, and resources that have been set aside to assist people in acute need of emergency treatment are used to treat non-emergent cases which raises the questions of our overall health priorities.

Wes Eden makes a Stake in English Soccer Team

Fortress Investment Group co-founder, Wes Edens has joined forces with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris to purchase a large majority stake in the English soccer team known Aston villa. This comes at a time when the team missed the premier league when it came to last season. It was back in 2016 when Tony Xia owned the club through a purchase and became the co-chairman. In a statement, the new buyers announced he will stay on the board. NSWE, is a group formed by Wes Edens and Sawiris. The deal consists of 55 percent ownership that’s worth about 30 million pounds.

It’s no secret that most of the English teams have been snapped up and purchased to many wealthy foreign buyers throughout the years. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, bought Chelsea while Manchester United and Liverpool was snatched up by the Boston red Sox baseball team owners. Aston Villa fell out of the top-ranked premier league back in 2016. They now play competitive soccer in whats called the second-tier championship division. They’ve spent a lot of money getting new players in hopes of getting back into the premier league. Unfortunately, Fulham football club beat them in the championship final.

Xia states that it was a humbling experience to come so close to promotion in the last season. Now with a great partner such as Wes Edens and Nassef, Xia continues that they are ready for the fight and want to restore the success the club experienced and deserves. It was considered a fall from grace when the team missed out on joining the top league. Especially since they were the winners of the European cup back in 1982.

Sawiris is estimated to be worth 6.9 billion regarding the Bloomberg’s billionaires index. He has many high stakes investments such as Adidas AG, nitrogen fertilizer company OCI NV and a cement firm. He runs all three along with his staff. A few of his businesses are nestled into a investment vehicle called in NNS holding. Wes Edens, an American businessman and well-known private equity investor, is also the co-founder of the Milwaukee bucks. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens buy Aston Villa controlling stake

Always Helping Others

In order to help people who have low to medium income buy a house, NexBank partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Dallas Neighborhood homes is a nonprofit mortgage company that works with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. In order to help low to middle-income people, this company is offering an Affordable Housing Loan Program. This program is offered to people in southern Dallas.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes would like to provide one hundred or more loans per year for the next five years. These loans will be only offered to residents in certain zip codes within southern Dallas. NexBank is providing $50 million towards these loans. NexBank is not only offering $50 million, they are also paying all the title fees and $2,000 in closing costs for each loan. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will use the money to help homebuyers who have limited access to mortgages for whatever reasons. They will also offer these homebuyers financial counseling services which are provided by the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

College Savings Bank

On December 1, 2015, NexBank SSB announced that it had acquired College Savings Bank located in Princeton, New Jersey. This bank specializes in helping parents who are trying to prepare their children for a higher education by offering 529 different programs to choose from in order to save money for college.

In this transaction, it has been decided that College Savings Bank will continue to use its own name but continue their operations as part of NexBank. With NexBank acquiring College Savings Bank, they are able to better provide for a broader span of clients who need help saving for college.

NexBank is doing what it can to help people basically live the American Dream. By helping people buy a home and save for college so they can get a better job. These are two huge steps that many people are not able to do or afford. NexBank is making these possible.


Fagali airport is a relatively small airport found in Upolu Island. Since it is located in an island, the transport system is not as robust as you would find in main cities. However, this does not mean that there is lack of life around the airport. Due to the touristic nature of Upolu that is in the South Pacific region, Fagali gets a stream of tourists who want to explore the islands.

When you arrive at the airport, there is a bus that ferries people to their destinations. Most people however find it more convenient to hop into one of the many private taxis that operate around the airport. Visit to find out more.

What you should know is that Fagali airport serves Apia, which is the capital city of Samoa. It is currently the only airport that serves Polynesian flight. It has a deep history. At some point in time, it was a rural airport covered in grass. The only carriers it had were aircraft that operated in the local islands of Samoa. Things started changing in 2002 when the airport was upgraded and the roads were constructed using tarmac. However, due to security reasons and lack of skills and personnel to manage the airport, it was closed for a few years.

When people started showing demand for flights, Polynesian airlines reopened Fagali airport. Over the years, it has undergone a series of changes. There is now an inter-island service that allows flights to serve across the islands. The roads have also gotten better, and there has been an increase of staff and business in the neighborhood. Polynesian Airlines goes to Samoa, Manu’a and Faleolo. Samoa Airways goes to Ofu-Olosega islands and Ta’u. The flights are often booked to capacity, showing the vibrancy of the airport. For now, the airport only handles flights during the day, and remains closed at night.

Since Apia is a popular tourist destination, Fagali airport provides the convenience of being near Apia. Guests can book in and explore the city without worrying over how they will get back home. The rich history, serene environment and friendly people are what many people consider to be the reason why tourists throng the airport to get a glimpse of Apia. The nightlife has also been said to be epic, with memorable cultural activities and dances that can keep you up the whole day.

The moment you step into the airport, you will be hit by the heat and humidity. But it is not something your body cannot get used to. Moreover, the water from the sea provides some breeze that cools things off. You can always schedule your visits for morning or evening if you want to avoid the sun.

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Vijay Eswaran Describes a Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency is important for success according to Vijay Eswaran. He explains why he believes that when talking about a concept of living two minutes from the abyss. He provides a lot of insight as to what a sense of urgency can bring. His explanation inspires others to cultivate this sense of urgency. It has worked well for him in that it has helped him build a business. The Qi Group is his business that he has built for helping with self improvement. A lot of people have benefited from what Vijay Eswaran has done for his customers.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran has said about a sense of urgency is that the person and the sense of urgency drive each other equally. People who live with a sense of urgency are more inclined to get up earlier in the morning. For one thing, every moment of life is going to have a supercharge. Therefore, people are going to be more energized to take on their daily responsibilities. One way to cultivate a sense of urgency is knowing that one is going to have to reach his daily goals or else he is not going to be able to take care of other responsibilities.

For people who have a sense of urgency but don’t feel that energized, there are other things that a sense of urgency can do. For one thing, it can help people arrange their days according to their strengths and weaknesses. Then once they get into working from that approach, then they can still get everything done. They can also look for ways to improve themselves so that they can reach more goals for their lives. It is the sense of urgency that makes such a huge difference in the lives of the business owner.

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Jeunesse Skin Care Product, Luminesce, Provides Much Needed Hope To People With Skin Care Challenges

Probably one of the products that people are looking out there in the retail stores are the skin care products. Individuals are experiencing some complex skin problems some of which have led to death or skin cancer. This may explain why skin care product purchases have been on the rise. Skin is one of the body organs that is exposed to many dangers such as scratching from physical objects, dust particles, oils, and the direct sunlight which has harmful ultra-violet rays among other harmful rays. However, Jeunesse has formulated, developed, and is selling one of the most efficient skin care products in the industry.

Luminesce is not a typical skin care product that you often find out there on the shelves. It is one of the leading product that plays a crucial role in restoring the youthful nature of your skin. You might be struggling with fine lines that make you look older or experience some of the modern-day challenges such as premature aging. Luminesce will remove all the fine lines within a short period and allow you to have the confidence to stand in a congregation without worrying that you look older than your age. The product plays a crucial role in ensuring that all the dead cells on your skin are replaced.

You might be wondering why you have wrinkles and aging spot on your skin. Your skin might to be showing the levels of radiance and grow that you would expect it to show. Removing black spots and wrinkles can only be done by use of Luminesce, the market-leading skin care product. You might also consider improving the youthfulness of your skin while making it more turgid, unlike the flaccid nature that makes you look old. You will feel younger and attractive when you incorporate Jeunesse Luminesce products which have an extensive line of related products.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a skin care product organization that was found in 1999 by retired people. They decided to invest their retirement benefits by offering products that will solve the problems of premature aging and nutritional supplements. The entity has grown within a short period where its products are selling in different parts of the world and leading the market in their specific industries. 

What are Freedom Checks and Their Legitimacy?

Freedom Checks is a term that is undoubtedly familiar to most people who have been listening to their radios for the past few months. In the commercial, the voice-over explains how individuals countrywide reap big from the $34 billion payouts. Vaguely, this term sounds close to a federal program associated with the government. But what exactly are Freedom Checks?

Well, most people seem inquisitive, in an effort to understand what this program is all about and how it works, especially due to the fact that it sounds closer to a federal payment plan. This tax-free investment program is not run by the government. Its existence is made possible through Statute 26-F of the federal law. This program provides a way through which over 550 energy-related companies can send a certain amount of money to their investors in a given period of time.

The energy-related partnerships, commonly known as Master Limited Partnerships play various roles in the oil and natural gas industries. They are responsible for fuel transportation, oil well drilling, and refinery operations. By giving investors 90 cents per dollar of their total earnings, MLPs are able to qualify for tax exemptions.

Freedom Checks are similar to dividends because of the way they operate but most MLPs prefer to call them distributions. It is interesting to note the huge sums shareholders receive of up to $160,000 in a single quarter. In contrasting fashion, traditional securities provide payments that are less 50 to 67 percent. Furthermore, MLPs are exempted from the federal income tax, a policy that provides good incentives to Americans to adopt the lucrative energy sector investment.

So, how is it that the federal government allows MLPs operate a business without paying taxes? This tax exemption came into play through president Nixon belief in maintaining the nation’s independence through large-scale energy production. He went ahead to facilitate a law that ensured rewarding of people investing in domestic energy companies. The program also spreads its wings to other opportunities of a similar nature such as real estate investments. The real estate investment trusts or REIT, allow property owners to earn tax-free money.

In order to receive more cash from this program monthly, a larger sum is required for investment. However, individuals can begin by purchasing shares worth $50 to $100 per each share. There are more positive considerations that highlight Freedom Checks’ legitimacy in the long run.

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Success in Business as a Writer with Ted Bauman

The success in any sector requires knowledge and expertise. The best way to play the game is by learning from those who began before us. It may help realize that we have been failing as a result of minor mistakes that we make on our daily schedule. One writer we can learn from is Ted Bauman. He has a magnitude of people who rely on his guidance. Ted Bauman talks about the factors that may upset the stability of the assets.

Bauman says that his work is to see that he is able to hold the reader to read the paper to the bottom. Ted Bauman Explains What Is Wrong with Bitcoin.

He, therefore, has to be very engaging and at the same time, he has to be informative. He adds that he also has to ensure that his reader does not go researching further on things he pointed out. To avoid tripping from all this, he researches his papers himself. He warns the young individuals from the temptation of hiring someone to research on their behalf. The other thing he does to ensure content is engaging is giving valid examples to drive his point home.

Every person has a unique behavior that they attribute to their success. For Ted Bauman, it’s honoring his first hours of the day. He has a routine whereby he sees his daughter off to school. This is important as a family is equally relevant. After that, he heads to his basement, where his office is. It saves him the commuting time. Bauman says that the first hours are spent in writing because his mind is fresh and active during this hours. He avoids distractions as much as he can and focuses on Ted Bauman’s work. He says that even though he’s not perfect in time management, utilizing these hours helps boost his productivity.

When Ted Bauman is not working, he cooks. Rice is his staple food. He says that the best spend $100 was on a rice cooker. He says that had he known about it earlier, he could have used it all his life. He adds that relating this to the financial life and assets is indispensable.

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David McDonald leading development in OSI group

David McDonald is the president and COO of the largest food production company in the world. OSI Group is a company that has conquered the world and has been able to introduce its food products in 17 countries on different continents. The firm was started in Illinois, United States but after conquering the local market, it was time to move internationally and also conquer. His role in the company has been to coordinate the operations of the firm worldwide. Through his great leadership, he has managed to turn this into one of the great companies in the world. He has worked closely with the CEO of the company to deliver great services in the food industry.

David McDonald is a graduate of the Iowa State University. He holds a degree in animal science. Even after he graduated from the university, he still holds a close relationship with it. He is part of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative fraternity in the university and also the financier of the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund. As an executive at OSI Group, he is offering student from the Iowa State University an opportunity to get training in the company. He has won various awards at the university even after he left. His role in mentoring the current generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs in the university has made him receive two awards; ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award and Iowa State University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award.

Away from the business life, David McDonald OSI Group is a family man who is married to wife Melinda and have six children some who are at the Iowa State University.

David McDonald has played an important role in taking the operations of the company international. In the three decades, he has been with this company; he has shown commitment and determination which has enabled him to coordinate the operations of the company. In recent years, he has done a remarkable job of taking the operations of this company international. In the last three years, OSI Group has made some acquisitions which will lead to the growth of the company locally and in Europe.